The Adventures of Shaheen, The Shaheen Falcon, is a children’s book series that will take children and even adults on journeys that transcend what is possible through the power of imagination. We all live and breath in this world together, we are united the most by the feelings of joy and happiness above all else. There is goodness, and there is love in this world; these are beautiful experiences of life that become most evident when we help one another. This is the purpose of Shaheen.
Shaheen, the Shaheen Falcon is a very special Peregrine falcon. When they take to the skies, Peregrine falcons are the fastest animals in the entire world, but Shaheen can fly faster than any of the others. Shaheen also has many unique and wonderful abilities, and although he can’t explain where these powers came from, he learns to use his gifts to try to make the world a better place.
With the guidance of the wise owl, Miss Patty, and the help of her dog, Michelangelo, whose mighty howl summons Shaheen to appear in an instant – and along with Isabella, a spider who weaves magical webs in the branches of the Wonder Tree – Shaheen’s powers send him soaring anywhere there is someone in need of a friend.
The series will take readers on five different journeys with Shaheen and his many friends in this five-part book series. Each of the journeys will share how Shaheen shares his love and pureness, with those who need it the most.