Shaheen, the Shaheen Falcon, is no ordinary falcon. Born with the mysterious and fantastic power to fly anywhere in the blink of an eye and become invisible at the drop of a hat, Shaheen is an extraordinary falcon. But perhaps his greatest gift of all is his kind heart and his immense love for children. 


From the mind of an original and inspired new author, Fireflies is the first story in an expansive series that follows Shaheen on his journey to help children across the world that are in need of a friend. 


In book one, Shaheen learns all about Leukemia and its effect on children from all walks of life. With the help of the wise owl, Miss Patty, he comes to find Oliver, who is hospitalized with the disease and facing the seemingly insurmountable obstacle of his daily treatments as the doctors work to cure him. 


This book is illustrated by the talented Paulina Zalewska, whose art brings to life the enchanting world in which imagination and friendship become the foundation for realizing and learning to cope with all of our world’s most challenging hardships. 

The Adventures of Shaheen, the Shaheen Falcon aims to bring light to many of the difficult experiences that children throughout the world are forced to face on a daily basis, from sickness to poverty to a lack of clean drinking water. These problems, which are felt every day on a global scale, are the basis for understanding the often difficult realities of life on Earth. Children are the future, and it is vital to begin teaching them early about the pressing issues that humankind must work to overcome together. These fables are a truly inspirational way to begin exposing your children to some of the real and immediate problems in the world and to spark the conversation about why these things happen and what we can do to help solve them.


Each story will be published in partnership with a non-profit foundation that specializes in raising awareness for the subject-matter of the book. Fireflies is being released in partnership with the Leukemia Research Foundation. 


Join Shaheen on his journeys, guided by the light of the fire-and-ice fireflies, to visit children across the world who are in need of hope, comfort, and understanding. Learn how any obstacle, as big as it may seem, can be overcome with the power of imagination and the willingness to believe. As Shaheen always says, “Imagination is a superpower, and you have it, too.”

Written by Shahrzad Amirsadeghi
Co-Authored by Tracy Sabeti
Illustrated by Paulina Zalewska
Layout & Design by Jacob Jurewicz
Production by Shaheen Saam Hafezi