When I Touch The Stars

When I Touch The Stars: In this second adventure, Shaheen visits the Farawans, a Syrian refugee family, who’s adventure begins in their home village as they embark on a  dramatic journey to the Jordanian border, which finally ends in Canada. Yamamma, the oldest daughter, is the star of our story. Shaheen, the Shaheen Falcon and his beloved adopted mother, Miss Patty along with her loyal dog Michelangelo, find Yamamma’s family and accompany them through the bitter-sweet voyage ahead. Shaheen helps Yamamma to discover the stars, touching them with her heart. Becoming a star herself with her power of imagination. Filling all their hearts with the joy of love, and the inspiration of hope through their challenging experiences.


Everyone’s gratitude must extend to Jordan and the Jordanian people, especially to Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania for their efforts on behalf of Syrian refugees. According to the UNHCR, as of 2019 there are approximately 655,000 Syrians who have sought refuge within Jordann.


This book is illustrated by the talented Giuseppe Siniscalchi and Domenico Frode, whose art brings to life the enchanting world in which imagination and friendship become the foundation for realizing and learning to cope with all of our world’s most challenging hardships.

The region’s deepest gratitude also extends to President Justin Trudeau and all Canadians for their generosity and humanity in keeping open their doors to refugees. Making Canada into a safe-haven for international refugees.

Written by Shahrzad Amirsadeghi
Co-Authored by Tracy Sabeti
Landscape Illustration by Giuseppe Siniscalchi
Character Illustration by Domenico Frode
Layout & Design by Jacob Jurewicz
Production by Shaheen Saam Hafezi