Paulina Zalewska
Illustrator for Fireflies

Born in Lodz in Poland. A graduate of the Faculty of Graphic Arts and Painting at the  Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz in Poland. She obtained her diploma in the Studio of  Engraving and Studio of Painting. In 2006, she participated in a engraving workshop at  the Artistic Center “Kaus” in Urbino, Italy, where in 2007 she received a monthly  scholarship. In September 2011, she was nominated for the award at the XXIV  International Small Graphic Form Biennale and Exlibris in Ostrow Wielkopolski in Poland. She is a finalist of the 43. Biennale of the Painting “Bielska Jesien” 2017 in Bielsko-Biala in Poland. Her works decorate the interiors of private collectors in various corners of the  world.


The technique most often painted is acrylic on canvas. Through a painting technique  that is precise and clean, it presents a dreamed reality. Her works are a reflection of an  extremely rich imagination, creating a world of opposing emotions and associations.  Contrasting color marks elements that might escape the attention. Thanks to the fancy  details, it encourages you to get lost in a fairy tale. Through his work, he continues his  inquiries and fascinations about the perception of the real world that surrounds us in  correlation with imagination and dreams. The play of colors in combination with the  surrealism of the composition is to fascinate. The color in the works is the “pure form” of  her imagination.

Currently in painting, he touches on the topic of urban space as an elementary  component of human identity. This space allows the individual to identify based on fixed elements in a changing reality. One of such elements is the local folklore defining our  symbolic, social and material culture, capturing inconsistent forms depending on the  social group and the ethnographic region. These are her folk interpretations that give a  new identity to people and places.


In the works we can also notice various faces of fairytale. Often it is a fictional character,  a child motif or a magical theme that intertwines with real motifs. Among others, such  an element is the moon, which often appears in my works. It illuminates the nights,  pulling out what is hidden in the shadow. Its magic applies to similar spheres of the  invisible. The fairy tale always ends with an optimistic motive of satisfaction with from  your own current fate.


2018.11 – exhibition promoting the Toya calendar “We love Lodz” DoubleTree by Hilton  Hotel – Lodz, Poland

2018.08 – “KOMA” by the Artistic Association ELArt, Gallery ‘ASP’ – Lodz, Poland 2017.11 – final exhibition “43. Biennale of Painting” Bielska Autumn 2017 “- Gallery  ‘Bielska BWA’ – Bielsko-Biala, Poland

2017.10 – “Fourth Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Museum of the City of  Lodz, Poland

2017.08 – “Fourth Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Gallery ‘ASP’ – Lodz, Poland 2016.08 – “The Third Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Gallery ‘Balucka’ – Lodz,  Poland

2016.08 – “The Third Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Gallery ‘ASP’ – Lodz,  Poland

2015.07 – “Second Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Gallery of the City Hall –  Lodz, Poland

2015.05 – “Second Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” – Central Museum of  Textiles – Lodz, Poland

2014.10 – “Film Inspirations” exhibition of Lodz young artists – Museum of  Cinematography in Lodz, Poland

2014.07 – “El art” exhibition of Lodz young artists – Museum of the City of Lodz, Poland 2014.06 – “The First Independent Salon of Lodz Young Artists” Film production company  ‘Wytwornia’ – Lodz, Poland

2014.04 – “‘Elanie’ from the collection of Majdas Family”. Gallery of the City Hall in Lodz,  Poland

2012.05 – “Hot chestnuts” Association of Creators of Culture and Art – Lodz, Poland 2011.09 – “XXIV International Biennale of Small Graphic Form and Exlibris” Museum of  the City – Ostrow Wielkopolski, Poland

2010.11 – “Graphics of students of the Intaglio Technique Laboratory from 2003-2010”  Gallery ‘Kobro’ – Lodz, Poland

2009.01 – “Academy of Fine Arts 2008 – best diplomas” – Central Museum of Textiles –  Lodz, Poland

2008.06 – “Urbino – the city of graphics” Art Propaganda Center – Lodz, Poland 2008.03 – “Graphics of students and educators at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz from  2003 – 2008” A.S.P. – Katowice, Poland

2007.02 – Urbino from the hanging garden “Gallery ‘Balucka’ – Lodz, Poland